GNOME Password Manager

A password manager for GNOME2

Welcome to GPass

GPass is the password manager for GNOME2 desktop, released under the GNU GPL licence. The password collection is stored in an encrypted(Blowfish) file, protected by a master-password.

Latest news

2006-03-25: Released gpass-0.5.1

Released gpass-0.5.1.

It was implemented the following things.

  • Can not run GPass if it is already running.
  • Method to exit application after it has locked.
  • Fixed bug, that is crashed GPass when the following operating.

    • The most top entry moves to the place immediately before by drag and drop
    • The entry moves to the same place or the place immediately after by drag and drop.

2006-03-06: Updated an ebuild for gpass-0.5.0

Updated an ebuild for gpass-0.5.0 by Jose Del Prat. Thank you. See Download.

2005-09-10: Updated project site

Added Debian GNU/Linux, Momonga Linux and Gentoo package infomations in Download. Thank you for creating the GPass packages.

2005-08-02: Released gpass-0.5.0

Released gpass-0.5.0.

Major changes from 0.4.4 are:

  • Changed file format. When you have already used GPass, please use the intergradation wizard that is displayed at first.
  • Use Mhash and Mcrypt to crypt the password collection
  • Changed interface like Revelation
  • Move entries drag and drop
  • Supported undo / redo.
  • Supported folder
  • Show or hide the secret infomation
  • Supported screen lock
  • Supported the entry copy(Ctrl+C), cut(Ctrl+X) and paste(Ctrl+V).
  • Changed the key bind to 'copy the password'(Ctrl+Shift+C).
  • Changed 'copy the username'(Ctrl+U) to 'copy the ID'(Ctrl+Shift+I).
  • Changed the key bind to 'copy the both'(Ctrl+Shift+B).
  • Supported the launcher each entry. 'Run'(Ctrl+R) to launch

Major changes from 0.5.0rc3 are:

  • Added icon to GNOME menu
  • Added icon to About dialog

2005-08-02: Added screenshots

Added screenshots.

2005-07-29: Released gpass-0.5.0rc3

Released gpass-0.5.0rc3.

2005-07-24: Released gpass-0.5.0rc2

Released gpass-0.5.0rc2.

2005-07-15: Released gpass-0.5.0rc1

Released 0.5.0rc1 for developer. Changed main developer to Kouji TAKAO.

Changed file format.

2005-07-15: Renewal the GPass Project page

Renewal the GPass Project page.