GNOME Password Manager

A password manager for GNOME2

Welcome to GPass

GPass is the password manegement software for GNOME2 desktop.

If GPass is used, your a large amount of password can be unitary managed. And a secure password can be easily made.


There is no worry of the password leakage.

GPass encrypts the file that preserves the password collection by using one of the secret key cryptosystem key methods named Blowfish.

Open Source Software

GPass is under the GNU GPL2 license.


The GPass project advances development toward the following target.

  • The password to the application should be able to be input without using the clipboard.
  • Adopt for a standard application of GNOME desktop.
  • Be as easily as the password generators of the command line like pwgen.
  • UI should be able to be selected according to user's like GNOME, ncurses, and a command line, etc. favors.

See development.


  • Encryption is done using the Blowfish algorithm and SHA-1 hash.
  • Variegated edit feature. (Drag and drop, undo / redo, etc...)
  • Quick-search facility.
  • The built-in password generator helps you generate secure passwords.





Current developer

  • Kouji TAKAO <>

Original developer

  • Morten Fjord-Larsen <fjord at users dot sourceforge dot net>


  • Marc Deslauriers <marcdeslauriers at videotron dot ca>

    Created spec file and a patch to get the right icon in the desktop file.


Mail to Kouji TAKAO <>.